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After-sales Service


Take prompt action upon receiving your requirement.

2.Installation and commissioning

We can provide free training service for you in machines’ installation and commissioning. After all required production materials are ready in your factory, we will send technician to adjust the machine in good performance.


As per the technician’s instruction, the workers can learn how to connect power line, commissioning, machine working principles and the maintenance during operation and so on. So they will be more familiar with the operation of packing machine by training.


1 year after shipment from our factory. We will provide you damaged spare parts free of charge during the warranty period (except easily damaged parts and broken parts by human cause or improper operation)

5. Technical service

We will keep your machine’s detailed file in the computer, such as the machine info, product info, your requirement and suggestion, technician’s advice and so on. And we will follow up and make feedback about the machines performance regularly. We guarantee that we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

6.Maintenance after warranty period

Any machine problems after warranty period, we will provide you same quality spare parts and maintenance service with the best favorable price.

7.After-sales Services

We have experienced technicians to offer best after-sales service as per your requirement. And we have integrated after-sales service system providing training service for installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on.

To ensure you receiving the packing machine in good performance, we will test each machine before shipment.

And we devote to providing overall support for you not only the machine parts, but also technical service.

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