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Baby diapers/ pants flow wrap machine


  1. Servo motor with higher control precision realize step-less control and dynamic adjusting during operation.
  2. Large colored touch screen store, pick up, automatically adjust, track, find cutting point, alarm, indicate barriers, accumulatively count packs, bag length and speed automatic display, which can realize precise cut and sea.
  3. With photo-cell detecting the color mark and dual-tracing system, this machine can effectively eliminate any packing error and avoid materials waste.
  4. New type vertical sealing design makes the seal at low temperature, which effectively reduces the film burning and packing wastes.
  5. Adjustable bag former and pitches enable the change of packing products more conveniently.
  6. With timing belt transmission, this machine has appearance, lower noise and less shake.





Film Width(mm) <590
Size of Package L:140-480



Speed 30-120
Dimension 7000×1105×1750(mm)
Film Material compound Film of heat sealOPP/PE,PT/PE,AL/PE, etc
Weight(kg) 1000
Motor Power host motor 1.1KWfilm motor 0.75KW
Heating Power 450W2 sets   800W2 sets
Main Power single phase 220V50HZ
Total Power 4.35KW


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